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January 01 2014
Posted by dali  [ 14:21 ]
The Gift Kicking off the New Year, sexy and hot XLGirls newcomer Marilyn Mayson is back and ready for sexing in "The Gift." And what a gift. What is "The Gift?" Is it the lingerie that Marilyn has stashed in her handbag to surprise her bed buddy? In our opinion, "The Gift is Marilyn herself. She gets out of her clothes and changes into her new purple maid lingerie, leaving her eyeglasses on. (A nice touch. Marilyn makes eyeglasses look sexy.) Her bud goes bonkers when he sees her and doesn't give her much of a chance to parade around and tease him in her new finery. In a few seconds, he's buried between her legs, licking her pink pussy and clit, then fingering her. Marilyn reaches out to play with his horn, sucking it, stroking it, squeezing it. She lies back on the bed, head towards him so he can reverse titty-fuck her, his balls in her mouth as his cock locomotives between her marvelous mountains. Marilyn wants his dick inside her. Who could resist? And if a man could resist, Marilyn wouldn't be in the same bedroom with him. He eagerly mounts her and begins to pump her gorgeous body as the waves of pleasure begin. She will get everything he has to give and a big load of man-sauce for dessert!
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October 09 2013
Posted by dali  [ 14:51 ]
BBW Wake Up Fuck This scene features a super sized BBW honey Sashaa Juggs. Sashaa has incredible dick sucking skills and has an enduring craving for a big black cock. This girl rides and takes black dick like a champion. Come watch her get fucked and have a hot load shot all over those giant juggs. Everyone is going to love watching big girl Sashaa get fucked.
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October 08 2013
Posted by dali  [ 21:29 ]
School Of Big, Soft Knockers Marilyn White is a sexy student with a powerful need to cum and cum hard. When we first met her at XLGirls and interviewed her, she said she was working as a clerk in a porn store. How many of you find that exciting for a number of reasons? Imagine Marilyn going to school during the day and working at night in an adult store, helping customers pick out videos, lube and other fine products. No one in school has a clue, not her fellow students or her teachers who would like to fuck her. The thought sticks, mainly because there seems to be few females working in adult shops, so if a girl is clerking in one, chances are high that she's anything but a puritan and is horny and adventurous, straightforward about sex, at least a little kinky and a lot curious. Marilyn says one of her sexual fantasies is "to be double-penetrated by a man and a woman with a strap-on." Sounds doable, especially since Marilyn likes chicks. "I am bisexual and I love playing with other girls, especially along with my man. I have had a few encounters with women." She's smoking hot again in this student video, talking dirty non-stop and really into playing with her huge tits and spreading her cunt open for her purple pussy pleaser. For the record, we have invited Marilyn to try hardcore action with a stuntcock. She'd be great at it because she's got the personality and the horniness for it. Hopefully, she'll accept after thinking it over and give it a spin at least once one day! Then she can join the ranks of Charlie Cooper, Lisa Canon, Analee Sands, Sadie Berry, Daniella Grey, Jessica Juggs and many other new XLGirls sex stars.
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October 07 2013
Posted by dali  [ 14:05 ]
 		Big-boobed Detonation Charlie Cooper is dressed to thrill but no one's going out on the town. No Mardi Gras carousing. Charlie is staying in and she's going to put on a private show. First, she will tease. Her spectacular tits will please. She could jiggle those babies all night. That bouncing and shaking can drive a guy completely nuts. The XLGirls camera swoops in on her treasure chest. Does Charlie ever hide stuff in her cleavage? "All the time. I put my keys and ID in there. My phone," says Charlie. At last, the brunette stunner pops them out in all their glory, free from their incarceration of fabric, from their bra captivity. Tell us about bras, Charlie, and what they mean in your life. "I go braless at home," Charlie reveals. "Only at home. But I don't even get the mail without a bra. I'll also wear a tank top with the bra built in. I don't go anywhere without a bra. It's just too much of a racket. Things are going all over the place, and it gets a little crazy. I wear two a day. I can't really find anything cute in the big sizes. It's all old granny business. So I get my old granny bra and a sports bra on top of that one and I'm good to go. I used to be an M-cup, but I lost some weight. I'm somewhere between a G and a J. I used to be a J." Totally naked, Charlie oils 'em up, rubbing in the rich slickness until her tits shine. Her deep cleavage is breastnotic. There's more stuff that Charlie wants to do. Things to her tits and to her pussy. Watch and see this XL goddess work her way to a big-boobed detonation. Charlie Cooper, don't go changin'.
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October 06 2013
Posted by dali  [ 15:22 ]
Rae Day 2 By popular demand, Sarah Rae is back at XLGirls. She's a hit. Take it from members like Curvelover who wrote,"Miss Sarah, I'm almost lost for words looking at your amazingly beautiful, sexy and perfect body!!! Curves from heaven!!! But to top it off even more so is your equally beautiful, sexy and amazing personality. Just the most lovely girl, you're not a 10, girl you are a 100!!!" Sarah's large number of props members sent in prompted her to comment back. "Dear XLGirls Members, As I'm typing this, I have the BIGGEST smile on my face! Thank you so very much for all of your lovely and wonderful comments!!! I have read and truly adored every single one, including those from the photo set and interview video, as well. I more than appreciate you guys taking the time out to comment! Thank you for making me as happy as I have hopefully made you. I look forward to sharing more of my boobies, smiles and orgasms with you in the future." Sharing is caring and Sarah is now here again to share. Please show the love and comment if you love pretty girls with incredible boobs.
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October 05 2013
Posted by dali  [ 15:50 ]
Beach Bunny Tiffany running down the beach with her huge tits bouncing is like a vision from our hottest wet dream. Leave it to The SCORE Group to make your horniest big-tit fantasies into reality! 'I'm a total beach bunny,' Tiffany said. 'My favorite thing to do is go to a nude beach. People always come up to me and ask me if they can take a picture with me, but that's not my favorite part. I just really love playing in the sand and water naked!'
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October 04 2013
Posted by dali  [ 14:38 ]
Nailing The Sale Imagine car shopping with Alexis Silver. Yeah, we can't either. It's not that we don't want to, it's just that we find our minds drifting to her airbags and not the car's. But juggy Alexis would make a great saleslady. She seems like the type to do whatever it takes to seal the deal. Even if that means throwing in a few extras, and by extras we mean XXXtras. You see, she blows this guy's weekly nut-batter allowance with her jugs shortly after talking to him about a car for purchase. That's right. This guy didn't have to even buy the car to get his dick drained. Remember that next time you forget that you don't have to spend or give to get.
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October 03 2013
Posted by dali  [ 12:45 ]
Boom-boom In The Champagne Room? Some people will tell you that they went to the champagne room in a strip club with a hot girl and that they scored a piece of pussy for a reasonable price. We think that maybe that might have happened. But it doesn't happen all the time. Others will tell you that they went into the VIP and tried to score some pussy and got tossed out on their asses. We think that happens more often than not. We are here to tell you what probably happens in the champagne room on the regular. You spot a hot girl like Summer and she's dancing, swaying those jugs around like a couple of pom-poms. You pull out some cash and give her what we like to call a, 'dance donation,' for her tit-swaying prowess. This convinces her to unveil said tits and mash 'em on your face and crotch. This leads you to give her another dance donation. Whilst giving her your hard earned bucks for making you hard, she catches a glimpse of your wad o' cash and tells you that she will take you to the VIP room for that wad o' cash. What do you get in return? Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you like tits. Summer has probably had that figured out since you gave her the first tit-swaying dance donation. So, she whips your dick out, whips her tits out and connects the two in a furious pumping and mashing experience that we like to call a tit-and-tug-aganza! Her talented tatas blow your wad, she takes your wad o' cash, she wipes off your baby batter, exits stage left not a hair out of place and lives to dance another day. That sounds like it could happen, right? Like it does happen, right? Much more than your buddy's tall tale of banging a stripper like a jackhammer in the VIP, right? Yeah, we think so, too. That's why we like the tits-and-tug job so much. It's like the fast-food version of a good time. You get in, get off and get that order.
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October 02 2013
Posted by dali  [ 15:18 ]
Shas Oiled Boobs Show The always spectacular Sha Rizel dances in her tank top and tight Daisy Dukes. Sha slowly peels off her clothes to reveal her sensational body in a bra and panties. Once she gets down to her birthday suit, Sha oils up her sexy body until it glistens like a lacquered statue. Sha began modeling young. She'd always had a yen for it and loves being photographed. Sha: 'I went to modeling school as a teenager. Here in the Ukraine, they have modeling schools where you can learn to be a model, so I went from when I was young until I was 16. I have also done hosting on TV and calendars and pinups.' A SCORELAND member named Big E wrote: 'Sha has a SaRenna Lee vibe about her. Thanks SCORE for bringing the videos back 90s...
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October 01 2013
Posted by dali  [ 17:10 ]
Good Girl/bad Girl Roommates Nikki Smith and Scarlet LaVey are two of the horniest and bustiest girls you could ever want to get a hold of. They have brought joy to uncountable T&A men in the short time they have been exposing their assets. Their tits are massive, solid works of natural art and they are so hot, you wouldn't need a radiator in the winter to stay warm, not with their tits and asses shoved in your face. Nikki and her new acquaintance Pike are making out in the living room when he spots Scarlet coming out of a bedroom with Nikki's huge bra. She found it in her own laundry. Scarlet hands it over and goes back to her room. Pike stares. He is hooked and Nikki can tell. It made sense for Nikki and Scarlet to share a place even though Pike thinks they're opposites because Nikki's "conservative," as he puts it, and Scarlet loves the Goth look. Maybe they are opposites but opposites attract. And they share a love of big tits and hot sex with hung studs. Their make-out flow interrupted, Nikki abruptly decides to walk her dog and gets up. This leaves Pike to walk into the hallway and spy on Scarlet brushing her hair. He turns around and finds Nikki looking at him. Caught! The old dog trick always works on big tit hounds. No problem! Nikki is hot for Scarlet too. She just didn't need to tell him earlier. She goes into Scarlet's room and whispers in Scarlet's ear. They look with teasing eyes and lips at Pike standing in the hallway. Then they start making out on her bed, sucking nipples and finger-rubbing pussies. Scarlet begins to eat out Nikki's wet snatch in front of Pike who looks like he's just had a concussion. He needs a blunt invitation so Nikki tells him to come over to the bed and bring his hard cock. Pike revives and walks over so Scarlet and Nikki can pull his pants down and get a grip on his fuck-stick. The two tit-goddesses take turns sucking him off as he stands. They get him on his back so they can hover over him and Hoover his shaft and swelling nuts, making popping sounds with their cock & ball sucking lips. This is truly hooter heaven. Somebody up there must like this dude. Scarlet climbs on board first and gets her hips gyrating once Pike's pole is up her pink pussy. Then it's Nikki's turn to get pounded. The torrid threesome take turns fucking, sucking and finger-banging in different positions as their dirty ride approaches cum town. This afternoon didn't turn out so bad after all.
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Posted by dali  [ 16:35 ]
38ddd Chubby Dolls Booty Boning "Skye comes out and just knocks you out with her gorgeous face, huge tits and breathtaking legs. I swear, there is nothing like a New England hottie!" So says an XLGirls member about sexy and beautiful Skye Sinn who is back to get on her knees, stick her hot ass up in the air and let a backdoor man fill her fleshy booty with hard cock. "Stop teasing me," says Skye as Largo spanks her meaty cheeks that you'd like to bite and rubs her punani through her sheer black panties. She's in bed on her knees. Skye turns around and they remove her bra so he can have at her massive 38DDD honeyhills. She buries his face between them for a hooter-heavenly experience. Taking out Largo's boxer-hose and making purring sounds like the sex kitten she is, Skye treats him to an oral cock-loving session. Observe her sucking and stroking moves. Skye's said having no gag reflex is one of her special talents. That talent is special! She deep-throats his cock fast and hands-free while she's propping herself up on her hands and knees. This bodacious babe gives her all! It's time to fuck. Skye's pink taco comes first for a filling. Largo lays the first application of pipe into Skye with her on top of him in a cowgirl position. Skye pumps her hips so his johnson gets deeper and deeper into her. Spanking gets Skye horny so Largo slaps that booty with open palms. Well-fucked in her pink pussy-hole, Skye wants it in her butthole. Largo slips it into her ass when Skye gets on her side. Reading her body language and her cries of pleasure, he ramps up the rump pump and fucks her harder. What happens next is something you need to see. Another amazing fuck session from fantastic newcomer Skye Sinn!
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Posted by dali  [ 16:33 ]
K-jugs: Bailey Fucks A Rock Star First time at! K-JUGS The Movie is the story of a group of girls with dangerous curves and hot, huge tits who work at a radio station. Samantha 38G is the queen-bee radio host and Bailey Santanna is the stacked always horny office receptionist. Their beleaguered boss is Mr. Bosworth, struggling to keep the station afloat. The last thing he needs is trouble in the form of a big-boobed rivalry among employees. Enter Renee Ross who wants an internship at K-JUGS. Renee's very presence threatens Samanatha's reign at the station. Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride. As Renee begins her first day at K-JUGS, Bailey is smitten with a visiting rock-n-roller and will do anything for him. When he sees eye-candy Bailey, he wants a piece of her and he gets it... right on her desk! Anything goes at K-JUGS as you will see in every exciting, sex-packed chapter. There's never been a radio station like it!
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Posted by dali  [ 16:30 ]
The Office Hottie Nixie Night is back in her first boy-girl encounter in over a year and once again, Nixie is smokin' sexy. This girl has got it coming and going. This time, Nixie is the office hottie working part-time as an intern for a company with a horn-dog boss. Dressed to thrill, Nixie's very nervous and tense and keeps dropping the documents she's delivering to him. Getting on her knees to pick up the papers gives him a great view of her twin peaks nestled in a low-cut top. He encourages her to relax and places his hand on hers, then maneuvers it to his thigh. The boss is an expert at calming down nervous new interns. The ones that are pretty and have big tits. That's why he stands over her while she's still on her knees. The boss loves what he sees and talks to Nixie about a full-time position for her. Of course that depends on how things work out. What he's really talking about is several positions. Business is very competitive and dog-eat-dog. Does Nixie have what it takes to make it? The next move is hers. Nixie is eager to move up the corporate ladder and notices the couch. There's no sign on it that says "Casting" but Nixie is a smart girl. After their little chat, the boss feels confident that he can proceed with his intern training program and opens his fly. Still on her knees, Nixie pulls out his horn to lick and suck. The boss holds the back of her head and feeds her his rod, fucking her mouth. She keeps her hands off his cock while he pumps between her lips. Nixie is guided to the couch. The boss encourages her to take her enormous 42DDD tits out of her top so he can suck and lick her pointy nipples. He lays Nixie back and explores her body, fingering her bushy pussy. Her tits are a tit-fucker's delight and Nixie is very accommodating. He slips it inside her cleavage and sticks the tip into her mouth. Nixie has driven the boss over the deep end. She is too sexy. He has to drive his shaft into her honey-hole and start pumping. After all, he needs to make his staff feel good. The company's staff, that is. And when a company has interns like Nixie, he'll do whatever he can for them.
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Posted by dali  [ 16:29 ]
Meet A Dream avina Dream is whipping up something good in the kitchen and it gets much, much better when she whips off that dress to show us what she's really made of. Lavina likes to cook and she likes taking off her clothes to reveal her spectacular and plush body, proving that she's going to be excellent wifey material one day but hopefully not too soon. Lavina tosses the dress and begins playing with her massive, heavy boobs, something all of us would love to do. The creamy sauce that she's been making drops off the wisk and onto her chest. Look at how much soft breast-flesh the brunette charmer has as her squeezing fingers sink in easily. Lavina can easily self-suck her prominent nipples. She licks the cream off her chest and finger with pleasure. Lavina strips off her panties and brings her left hand to pet her pussy while her right hand rubs her twin peaks. She dips a finger into her pink slit to make it even happier. What's that she's holding now? That does not look like a kitchen utensil. Lavina moistens the tip with her lips, sucks on it for a few seconds, and then puts it inside her wet sugar-box while giving her knockers a good rubdown. See Lavina's bonus video for more new discovery T&A. Welcome a curvy new delight, Lavina Dream!
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Posted by dali  [ 16:28 ]
Clash Of The Titties & Jade Parker In the second chapter of K-JUGS, America's bustiest radio station, the station manager introduces new intern Renee Ross to queen bee DJ Samantha 38G. From the start, Samantha has her stinger out for the newcomer. Who is this interloper and potential rival? Is she out to take Samantha's position at K-JUGS. The jealousy begins in"Clash of the Titties." After their first meeting, Samantha starts her show, Samantha's Place, and introduces author Jade Parker. The hot and big-chested redhead is promoting her new book "Big Girls Rule In Bed." "My book tells big girls to stand tall, stick their chests out and go for as much sex as they can get," Jade tells Renee. "I also teach this in my seminar. I'm wrapping up my tour of six cities that lets big women know that they're the best at sex. No skinny wannabe fashionistas can touch a big girl when it comes to cock worship. It's time the whole world understood this. They're brainwashed." Sam takes an on-air call. "Hello, Sam? I have an idea. I want to hear Jade demonstrate how she sucks and fucks better than some anorexic bitch. Right now in front of you." Jade doesn't have a guy with her so Samantha calls Bailey and tells her to send Carlos the maintenance man in. Jade is ready to rock the pole right there in front of Samantha live on the air! Everyday is not just another day at K-JUGS.
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